Sarah & Joseph | Engaged



the session

I met Sarah and Joseph on a gorgeous afternoon at the Louisa County Courthouse for their engagement session. After taking some portraits at the courthouse, they changed outfits and we headed over to a nearby park. The leaves were just starting to change, which made for a fresh, warm backdrop for their photos. It was so much fun getting to know them, and capturing their personalities behind my lens!

how they met

Sarah and Joseph originally met in high school while both running on the track team. They never really hung out until reconnecting years later, when Sarah’s parents bought the house next-door to Joseph. They started dating about a year or so later, and a little over 2 years into the relationship, Joseph popped the question!

how he asked

“We were in the kitchen, putting away groceries. I was covered in dog hair because I just finished washing the dogs, and he had come home late from work with Chinese take-out. I grabbed a small brown paper bag out of the pile of groceries and asked what it was (thinking it was an eclair!), and Joseph grabbed it from me. Next thing I knew, he was on one knee asking, "Sarah, will you marry me?" I asked, "Is this real?" He replied, "Yes!" and so did I. From there I proceeded to ugly cry. I had no idea it was coming, and it was the perfect proposal.”

must love dogs (and other fun facts)

Outside of work, Sarah supports many nonprofits including Goochland Pet Lovers and Louisa Education Foundation. She enjoy sports - especially watching and playing football, cooking (and eating), and hanging out with her 17-year old dog, Old Man Bear.

Joseph enjoys playing golf, hunting waterfowl with his four year old lab, Kenai, and being active outdoors. He also owns and operates a small grain farm outside of his regular job.

Sarah loves Joseph’s humor. “He knows how to keep me from growing old and challenges me to always be better. He's pretty good looking, too. He is a great dog dad, and overall great person who really cares about others. He has the heart of the relationship.”

Joseph says, “{Sarah} always tries to do the right thing no matter what, and makes me try to do the same. She is a rule follower. I love all of her little monologues and corny humor that nobody else gets to see. We can be ourselves around each other.”

Together Sarah and Joseph enjoy raising their 6-month old puppy, Nub, cheering for their respective teams (Clemson Tigers and VA Tech Hokies), and working toward combining their two lives into one. They love sports, food and fun!

Enjoy some of my favorites from this sweet session. I can’t wait for their wedding next June at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture!